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DTV Shower Install

Create Your Own Personal Spa With a DTV Shower

File this project under major bathroom upgrade! This isn’t an ordinary shower, the DTV shower is KOHLER’s most advanced showering system. Every element of your showering experience is completely customizable to your needs and wants.

When you install a DTV shower in your bathroom, it comes pre-loaded with Spa settings for a quick start in-home getaway. Beyond that, you can design your dream shower by selecting the components and finishes you like. When you want to take your in-home getaway even farther, possible upgrades with the DTV+ system includes music speakers, steam, and chromatherapy.

Complete Customization

Customize your experience by selecting the components you want to use for your perfect shower everyday. Choose from a rainheadshowerhead, handshower or body sprays and run them separately or together! More importantly, you can mix and match to target areas of the body for soothing hot and cold therapy.

Clean Showering Space

Because the DTV Prompt eliminates the handles and knobs of a manual shower, you’ll enjoy a clean, minimalist space. The easy-to-use, intuitive interface inside the shower delivers simple one-touch operation. Besides that, you get the option of adding a second interface outside of the shower for added convenience or a bath application.

Safe Temperature Control

Set the maximum temperature your water can reach, therefore, making it perfect for families with small children.

Unique Digital Functionality

Because of the digital interface, you can warm up your shower without wasting water. Alternately, you can set a digital timer to count your shower down. This allows a more conscious use of water and helps keep you on schedule. Also, pause your shower on command and resume it when ready.

There are many benefits of having a DTV shower installed in your bathroom besides the customizable features. You can enjoy a spa-like environment in the privacy of your own home without having to talk to strangers. The capability to create an instantaneous getaway without traveling to a destination will save you money over time. Most importantly, reduce your stress on a regular basis both physically and mentally for better health.

With all the great features and benefits of a DTV shower, what are you waiting for? Find out more on the KOHLER website.

Gallon Plumbing installed this DTV shower for a Des Moines, Iowa, resident.

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